Update 21.04.2021 : Dear Tim Team , thanks for making Homepod Mini available in Austrian store. See more at end of message

Dear Tim Cook 

We have to talk. First I want to apologise for my denglish (deutsch-englisch)  , or better aeinglish (Austrian version) . My name is Reinhard Haberfellner, I admit I am a die-hard Apple fan since looong time. My first own Mac was a „Pizza box“ , better known as LC II. But first Mac I worked on was a IIfx, which I was allowed to introduce at Panasonic Austria 1989 into a 100% IBM IT environment for producing leaflets to educate dealers. Quite a victory at that time. 

The reason I dare to write to you is an „illegal“ purchase of Homepod Mini. Illegal in Apple terms.

The jaw dropping Homepod

Since I am writing from Vienna, capital of Austria, Apple does not allow me to purchase a Home Pod Mini. If I would live just 300 km  ( or 186 miles for you) more west I could do so. Because then I would be in Germany . Where I could easily order a Homepod Mini from online shop and get it. Now as said already I am a Apple fan , and I am also somebody who admires great acoustic achievements. And my jaw dropped , when I heard the Homepod first in Munich. So of course I was really eager to hear the Homepod Mini asap. But you ( = Apple) don’t allow me to do so. 

Now its getting strange

They say it is because Austrian language is not implemented yet. Which I could not believe, so I asked a friend to buy one for me and send it by post. And you really slack jawed me again. The Homepod Mini is the best small speaker I have heard in my whole life, full of speakers, big and small. And this is something I usually tell friends and invite them to test themselves . But I cant do that now, cause its illegal in your terms. 

The reason I am writing to you is, that there are some really strange circumstances here. And if you allow me, I will give you the background for that. 

The Austrian German Apple dilemma

Austria is a small country next to Germany. We share 818 km ( or 500 miles ) of border. But we also share the basic language. And most of the newspapers. And 100% of all TV stations. So advertising in Germany can not be separated from Austria. And of course there are differences between Austria language and lets say norther German language. But Bavarian language is much closer to Austrian, than to that of Berlin. So it is rather ridiculous to state that Austrian language cant be covered by „German“ language setting. I tried of course with Homepod mini , same as I tried with my iPhone and my iPad. (die-hard, you remember). And of course it works. So why do you ( or better your responsible German area management) not allow or take care that Homepod and Homepod Mini are sold in Austria. 

Germany rulez

Because Austria is ruled from Germany. And they give a shit about their „18. state“ . I know that Germany officially has 16 states , the 17th is Mallorca where all Germans go for vacation, and the 18th is in Apple terms Austria. So German Apple management should take care in your understanding about Austria, cause an own management structure for a 8 million inhabitants country is too expensive. And even I agree with your sharing of website with .de, because it is same language ( ooops , here the story is not logical any more !!!), I cant agree with the treatment Austria is getting from German empire. It feels like Asterix against the Romans ( your German managers have to tell you about that comic book). 

Apple ignores the city of music

The center of music – Musikvereinssaal

But you should know that the Vienna Apple store is – related our history and role in todays world – a quite simple thing. And you should also know that for 8 Million inhabitants we have 1 (!) store. Isn’t that a shame? And isn’t it a shame that the world capital of music can’t get homepods. Even you will know about Mozart, Beethoven and their role in general development of music everywhere. 

Apple is in many aspects misrepresented in our country. Our country has been as you may know the heart of Europe some time ago. And Vienna still IS the heart of music. I bet you listen to New years concert once in a while. Which comes from the number one music hall worldwide, the „Wiener Musikverein“. And even it’s a while ago, that Falco was Nr. 1 in American hitparade, you may remember the lady with the beard „Conchita Wurst“ , who won the European song contest as first LGBTQ+ person.

You of course don’t need to know that Austrians Court of Audit is a government agency which uses Apple computers exclusive. And you also do not need to know that this is due to „TOOLS AT WORK“ , an Apple dealer who started in 1986 in Vienna and is still the core institution for all apple business users and a lot of consumers. 35 years!! 

But it seems that you and your apple music guys are anyhow not really caring about classical music. Otherwise you would have provided lossless quality instead of compressed music since long time. And I can tell you that Tidal MQA quality over WiFi into the Homepod mini will slack jaw you, if you try it. 

We are waiting

But as die-hard fan I will wait for your decision to bring Austrian customers in a better position, free music from compression and maybe one day even make sure we get an Apple store which is representing the role of Apple in an appropriate manner in the city of music. 

Stay safe and in good health Tim, we need you. 

Reinhard aka Hfvienna 

Thats where Apple store should be located in Vienna https://www.wien.info/de/sightseeing/architektur-design/haas-haus-347458

PS Macwelt hat das Thema aufgegriffen und bietet eine Antwort https://mobil.macwelt.de/news/Warum-Oesterreicher-keinen-Homepod-Mini-kaufen-koennen-11007832.html

PPS Meine Antwort darauf:

Liebe Freunde von MacWelt 

Danke dass Ihr euch unserem Thema angenommen habt, wenn schon Tim Cook nicht antwortet, so ist doch auf MacWelt Verlass. Die Antwort von Apple Deutschland „finde ick aba nich echt dufte“. Ich weiss schon „“Wir Österreicher unterscheiden uns doch von den Deutschen durch so mancherlei, besonders durch die gleiche Sprache.“ wie Karl Farkas (und nicht Karl Kraus) schon so treffend bemerkt hat. Aber Wikipedia liefert ein sehr sprechendes Bild . Die Unterschiede IN Deutschland sind vielfältig, Österreichisches Deutsch eng mit Bairisch verwandt, aber sehr unterschiedlich zu „berlinern“ oder „sächseln“ . Es geht also darum den Apple Konzern zu überzeugen ein paar weitere Sprachmuster zu implementieren. Und damit wären wir wieder bei der „Betreuung“ des kleinen Österreichs durch die Römer ähhh die Germanen. Aber ich bin zuversichtlich, irgendwer wird’s schon richten. Gebongt. 

Ja wir Oberdeutschen …

PPPS Zeichen und Wunder

Soeben hat mich ein Freund angerufen und mir mitgeteilt, dass der Homepod Mini jetzt auch in Österreich erhältlich ist. Ein Zusammenhang mit obigem Artikel ist SEHR unwahrscheinlich 😉 . Zwar gibts noch keine Deutsch (Österreich) Einstellung bis jetzt ( 21.April 2021 9h früh), aber das sind wir ja schon aus dem TV und aus den Zeitungen gewohnt. Wir finden es also echt lecker, dass Österreichs Menü um einen Hauptgang erweitert wurde bei Apple. Das gestrige Event war ja auch wieder mal extra dufte, und zugegebenermassen will ich vom neuen iMac über iPad , Apple TV neu bis zum Air Tag eigentlich alles haben 🙂 .

PPPPS Den Artikel hab ich übrigens nicht nur an die MacWelt sondern auch an Mac&I und MacLife geschickt, die bis heute nicht darauf geantwortet haben . Neuer Journalismus eben.