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Schritt für Schritt, Verbesserung in Rod

Schritt für Schritt, Verbesserung in Rodaun Wer einmal Blut geleckt hat, gibt sich mit lauwarmen Lösungen nicht mehr zufrieden. Kein Wunder also, dass Magister Florian Bauer –  Technischer Direktor der StaChristiana Schulen – in Rodaun auch diesen Sommer „Beruhigung“ angestrebt hat. Der erste Kandidat war die Lehrküche, in der die geplagten Vortragenden „Multichannel-Unterricht“ geben mussten, einmal […]

Who broke my Stradivari? (Part 2)

Why does room correction break the “Stradivari”? As discussed in part 1, you hear everything in a room with the acoustic reality of the room;  meaning every original sound – voices, instruments, stereo systems or whatever can produce sound waves – reaches your ears after being influenced by specific responding room acoustics. Since we are […]

Who broke my Stradivari? – Thoughts abou

The new equalizers If you are up to date with trending audiophile gadgets, I am sure you have come across multiple surround amplifiers offering digital room correction, or as I prefer to call them digital room equalizers. The basic principle of how these amps work is quite simple. Once you have attached a microphone to […]