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Talk with Bob, the HighTe...

Sometimes good fortune is on my side. As co-moderator of “MQA audio – development and reviews“ ( called MQAFBG for now) and visitor of HighEnd 2019 in Munich I have been granted a full hour with Bob Stuart, head, mastermind and genius behind the MQA process. Bob was accompanied by Spencer Chrislu , director of […]

MQA – More clarity from s

Since the IFPI reports of the music industry 2019 it is evident that streaming is finally IN. Music no longer comes from physical carriers such as records, CDs or hard disks, but „from the cloud“ and is not only more comfortable and cheaper (1), but can also be of better quality. And for us HiFi […]

The good, the bad and the...

Gemischte Gefühle – großartige Klangbilder Traditionsgemäß steigt der Puls der HiFi-Freunde in Österreich und Umgebung Anfang November merklich an, die Klangbilder Messe ist wieder zu feiern . Es wundert immer wieder dass Dr Flich allem Jammern der Fachhändler und Übersättigung mit Unterhaltungsangeboten des Publikums zum Trotz eine tolle Hotelmesse aus dem Boden stampft. Im durchaus […]